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Explanation of Services

RESS Financial Corporation was formed in April 1988 to service the needs of Lenders with non-performing loans. We work primarily for small mortgage companies, attorneys, and individuals who have either invested money in Trust Deeds or who have carried back loans when they have sold property. We handle foreclosures only within the state of California and only on real property.

Our duties include the recording, mailing, and posting of various documents required under California Civil Code 2924, et seq. These documents include, but are not limited to, Notice of Default, Notice of Trustee’s Sale, Trustee’s Deed Upon Sale, and Substitution of Trustee.

The recording of these documents is accomplished through a title company which furnishes us with a title report called a Trustee’s Sale Guarantee (TSG). The TSG lists the entities which are required notice under the law, as well as the proper City or Judicial District for the publication of the Notice of Trustee’s Sale. The Trustee’s Sale Guarantee is a form of title insurance.

A Trustee under a Deed of Trust in this State has only the ability to reconvey a Deed of Trust upon payoff or the ability to sell a property to satisfy a debt owed to the Lender. Our duties in California are strictly regulated by law and have been specifically defined by the courts.

RESS Financial Corporation retains an attorney to advise and handle any legal matters that arise. He is an attorney that we have used since corporate conception and specializes in real estate matters.