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Fee Schedule

Below is a schedule of estimated fees and during both the three-month reinstatement period and upon the conduct of the Trustee’s Sale when RESS Financial Corporation is acting as the Trustee. To better understand what this means in the scope of the foreclosure process, check our our Foreclosure Basics page. For a specific quote, please feel free to contact us.

* The maximum Trustee Fee allowed at Trustee’s Sale by California law is 1% of the unpaid principal balance of the Note(s) being foreclosed. (Minimum is $425.00)

** Estimated charges shown on this page include average mail costs, recording charges, document preparation, posting charges, 1current average costs for publication of the Notice of Trustee’s Sale and presumes that the subject property has a street address. It does not include extraordinary costs or charges such as the publication of a full legal description (when required by law), multiple properties, the posting of the Notice of Default (when required by law), or charges for an above average number of mailings or recordings. Title charges included are for an average Trustee’s Sale Guarantee and may vary depending upon the title company used. All charges shown are estimates and can change without notice.

Again, for a specific quote, please feel free to contact our office.

1 Publication fees as of this date range from $350.00 to over $3,500.00. We estimate the current average to be $1,000.00.

Note: if the trust property is resident 1 to 4 family, the publication can be much higher than average inasmuch as the notice of trustee’s sale must include foreign languages under the provisions of California civil code. Many papers do not have the ability to print these languages and make the notice a “display ad” which increases the costs. Also, many papers seem not to care about the cost or the burden it places on either party. Since no politician is going to take on that industry, we do not see this changing anytime soon . . .